Practice Team

Practice Management

Sarah Szreider 

Sarah Szreider is our Practice Manager,  She is responsible for the efficient, effective and safe management of the practice and its finances.

The role of the practice manager is to:

  • safeguard the well-being of patients, doctors and staff,
  • ensure that the care delivered to patients is of high quality and is delivered with the utmost of respect of patient needs
  • ensure the practice and its staff can respond quickly to any new situation and that it will adapt to any developments and changes resulting from updates in national or local health policy
  • maintain the successful, smooth running of the practice through inspiring and managing the practice staff . 

Find out more about our complaints policy here



Jayne Manuell

Jayne maintains our EMIS system which stores our electronic patient records. She also supports the practice in ensuring that the practice is run according to standards such as those specified in the Quality Outcomes Framework.




Our reception team deal with all the telephone calls which come into the practice and also they greet the patients who come in through the door. Sometimes they have to deal with multiple requests for attention which arrive at the same time. They aim always to provide a cheerful and welcoming service despite the demands of the job. The permanent members of the reception team are  Michelle Taylor, Holli Imad, Shazia Din, Zara Siddiq and Helene Flanders.