Shaun Paterson

Shaun Paterson

Gender: Male

I completed my Paramedic training in 2013 at Oxford Brookes University and continued in education whilst working for South Central Ambulance Service primarily in the Oxfordshire area. I completed my degree in Clinical Practice in 2022 with the University of Southampton and began my Masters in 2021 with the University of West London. I completed two modules in advanced practice for both minor injuries and minor illnesses also finishing these in 2022.

Over the years I have seen how much of health care is centred on urgent care which sparked me down the career path of a Specialist Paramedic so that I could be better equipped to treat people with urgent problems. From the modules I can perform a wide range of examinations, catheterise, close wounds and interpret X-rays.

I made the move to work in primary care so that I could better utilise my training. I will still be carrying out the occasional shift on the ambulances around Oxfordshire when time allows.

During my free time I like to spend time with my family and can often be found rock climbing.

Special area of interest: wound closure