Private Fees

Schedule of Private Fees (updated March 2014)

Except in the case of a genuine emergency. private charges for medical services apply to  many non NHS patients (who are not from the European Union) and also to a range of more administrative tasks which a doctor’s surgery may be requested to perform:

Find out more link to BMA page on "Why do GPs charge fees?"

Medical services


Private doctor’s Consultation  


Private nurse Consultation


Private home visit (first 15 mins)


Private home visit (subsequent 15 mins


Electrocardiogram with printout of result


Taking of blood test and printout of result (does not include

cost of analysis: see below)


Analysis of pathology samples and blood tests: prices vary according to test

(these are sent to John Radcliffe Hospital and prices will be derived from the current hospital tariff for pathology samples)


Vaccinations (for more full list see under Travel Vaccinations)


Meningitis vaccination ACWY for travel (single shot)


Rabies vaccination (course of three shots)


Hepatitis B vaccination for travel  (course of three shots)



Hepatitis B booster for travel  (single shot)


Yellow Fever vaccination

Only available at 19 Beaumont Street practice (01865 240501)


Japanese encephalitis vaccination

( course of two shots )





Fitness to Travel, Driving Licence and Passport Form        

(N.B. for passport form the doctor needs to have known

 the patient for over 2 years.)


Holiday Cancellation Letter  

£15 - £30

Short Letter / Form filling /certificate 

£15 - £30

Character reference (eg for shotgun licence or job)


More complicated certificate

up to £55.00  

Full Medical examination and report[1] 


Medical report – no examination (30minutes) [2]


Medical report on proforma (20 minutes)  [3]


Access to computerised records under Data Protection Act


Access to paper records under Data Protection Act 


Extract from records

£50.00 or  30p/sheet

PSV/LGV medical and report (paid for by individual) for DVLA


PSV/LGV medical and report (paid for by local authority)


Other medical certification for fitness to drive

up to £80.00

Pre-Employment Consultation


Private prescription fee (for travel medications only) (n.b. the patient will also have to pay the pharmacist for the cost price of the medication)


Vaccination Certificate